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Corrosion Coated Sump Kit

An underground mine is one of the most harsh and damaging environments a vehicle can encounter. Exposure to groundwater in mining operations can cause aqueous corrosion, while humidity and pollutants can cause atmospheric corrosion.

On light vehicles such as the VDJ79 Toyota LandCruiser, underbody components like the engine sump are at the most risk of severe decay in acidic environments where the salinity is up to 10 times that of sea water. 

To combat VDJ79 sump deterioration in underground mining, Autoline are proud to present the Corrosion Protected Sump Kit!

Our custom coating process starts with a blast and primer, followed by an epoxy coating and is finished off with a Rhino lining – 1200 microns of coating in total. This product is available either as a complete kit including all parts necessary for fitment, or as the sump only.

Part # 12102-51010-CR


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