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Heavy Duty Rust Preventive Spray – Valvoline Tectyl 506

Valvoline Tectyl 506
Heavy Duty Rust Preventive

Tectyl 506 is excellent for long-term protection of metallic surfaces against corrosion in harsh outdoor applications. Tectyl 506 has a dielectric (insulating) strength of approximately 1000 volts per dry 25-micron film thickness.

This product is currently being used extensively on the underbody of light vehicles, especially in the underground mining sector, to extend the life of entire fleets of four-wheel drives.

  • Minimises corrosion.
  • Convenient removal methods.
  • Protects all automotive interior and underbody metal parts, industrial, marine and household items.
  • Simple to use.
  • Applying this on the rust prone areas every time the LV is in the workshop will extend the life of the LV


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