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Why your IFS 4WD needs Upper Control Arms

If you’re working in the 4wd suspension and wheel alignment field, and you’re not recommending or installing Upper Control Arms to correct the wheel alignment, and prevent outer edge tyre wear for your customer, it’s time to start!

Manufacturers have a wheel alignment specification for a reason, tyre wear, return to centre steering, tracking, high speed stability, it’s a geometry thing.

Well designed Upper Control Arms as a bolt in system will have 5 key points that make them worth the investment for you, and your customer.

  • They take the factory ball joint, for longevity.
  • Will give you at least 3 degrees of caster correction, for 30-70mm lifts.
  • Reprofiled front leg for clearance with larger tyre diameters.
  • Shock and strut clearance to allow more wheel travel up and down.
  • Angled ball joint cup to work with the extra travel.

When your customer drives away with the wheel alignment set to improve handling, steering response, and tyre wear, compared to being outside of the factory alignment settings without them, they will be far happier that you told them they were required, rather than tell them “it drives ok“.

Beware, if the customer leaves unhappy with the handling, and does his own research via his Facebook vehicle specific groups, forums, or through friends, and ends up sourcing them elsewhere, as you may now have an ex customer who wonders why you never suggested them, or worse, telling them they weren’t required.

The best thing you can do is have the information at hand, and express the features and benefits, so your customer can make an informed decision, based on your position as the experienced person they are relying on, to do the job for them.


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