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VDJ76 78 79 Toyota Landcruiser Auto Hub to Aisin Free Wheel Hub Conversion suitable Kit 08/2016 on

Replace your Troublesome Toyota Factory Auto Hubs with Genuine Aisin Manual Locking Hubs!

Prove the reliability of manual locking hub over the auto locking design

  • Stronger Design
  • Ease of locking, no need to find you wheel brace to lock hub
  • Able to engage low range for Backing up without engaging 4WD

VDJ76 4.5 V8D Wagon 8/16 on
VDJ78 4.5 V8D Troop 8/16 on
VDJ79 4.5 V8D 8/16 on

Kit includes:

  • 2 x Genuine Aisin Manual locking hubs
  • 2 x Genuine brand Axle Spindle Equal to OEM Quality with Koyo Needle bearing
  • 10 x M10 axle studs/ cone washer/spring washer and nut
  • 4 x Genuine Hub Nut
  • 2 x Genuine Hub Washer
  • 2 x Genuine Hub Locking Washer
  • 2 x Genuine Hub Gaskets
  • 4 x Genuine CV Shaft Snap Ring
  • 1 x Swivel Hub Kit

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