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CV Joints – Fitment Guide and Compatible Components for the 70 Series Landcruiser

When it comes to the 70 series Landcruiser, there’s a few factors that must be considered when finding the CV joint that suits your set-up.

A crucial detail often overlooked is the style of wheel-hubs you are running on your cruiser. The style of wheel-hub you have changes the CV joint and spindle that will be compatible. The three styles of wheel-hub we see on the 70 series are:

1. Manual locking hubs – also known as free-wheel hubs

2. Auto locking hubs

3. Full time locked hubs

While the new model 70 series come stock with the auto-locking hubs, a large amount of our clients in the mining industry have found huge performance benefits in converting back to the tried and tested hubs of years gone by. However, these three hubs are not all compatible with the same CV joints and spindles, which can leave you scratching your head if you haven’t double checked the fitment.

For these three hubs, there are two variations of CV joints and two variations of spindles that are compatible.

So to avoid the heartbreak of a cruiser left waiting on the hoist for a new front-end, we made this fitment guide highlighting the compatible components for each hub.

As seen above there’s some minor but crucial differences in the components. These small differences can waste valuable time if your vehicle is left up on the hoist.

Simply note down the codes that suit your application and head over to our online store, or request a quote via email ([email protected])

If you’re still unsure – reach out so our team can help you find the right components to suit your set-up.

Converting the wheel hubs

In mining applications, we’ve seen a lot of our client’s resort back to either the full-time locked, or free-wheeling hub. This is because the auto-locking hubs that are factory standard on the new model 70 series are just not as strong as the old tried and tested hubs of the past.

While the auto hub provides obvious advantages in city driving and recreational 4WDing, the new component is weaker and more prone to failure than the no thrills, old school alternatives.

Seeing this demand for the old free-wheeling and full-time locked hubs, we’ve created kits with all the necessary components to make the switch. If you’d like more info on these kits and how they can improve the lifespan of your fleet, reach out to our national customer service team.

Our goal is to provide you with quality solutions that improve the lifespan and performance of your vehicle, so reach out if there’s any other topics you’d like us to shine a light on.

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