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What is Takeo?

First things first, it’s pronounced tah-kay-oh.

Deriving from Japanese origin, Takeo means ‘valiant warrior’ and represents everything that we stand for.

But what actually is it?

Great question.

Exclusively distributed by Autoline – Takeo is a highly specialised supplier of the mining industry, providing LV part solutions that have a direct application to mining fleet operations.

Takeo is made of a range of hand selected parts that our expert team have been constructing over the years. The point of Takeo isn’t to group a bunch of random parts together, it’s to pick and choose the cream of the crop, with extensive research and development going in to each component selected. In this way, Takeo acts as the Autoline seal of approval, only consisting of parts that are ‘Genuinely Better’ than common alternatives on the market.

Area of expertise: Australian mining fleets

Takeo parts are highly specialised to suit the Australian mining industry.

With extensive experience in both underground and open-pit mining, the Takeo range directly tackles the problems commonly facing LV fitters on site. This somewhat narrow focus allows Takeo to fixate on the niche problems that mine spec vehicles face, and the solutions to counteract them.

Constant research and development over the years has resulted in a wealth of knowledge, access, and solutions. The large majority of Aussie mining operations rely on the Toyota Landcruiser and Toyota Hilux to make up the bulk of their fleet, and therefore Takeo specialises heavily in supplying solutions for these LV’s in particular.


Compiling a large group of component parts into job-focused Takeo kits has proven beneficial out on site – reducing confusing product codes and streamlining the ordering process.

If you want to learn more about our range of solutions for mining LV’s, have a look through the Takeo Mining Kit Catalogue, as well as our suspension catalogue – while they don’t display our entire range, it’s a great place to start.

If you have any product enquiries or just want to find out more about Takeo, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Contact our national customer service team on 1300 310 310 or [email protected].

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