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Coated parts and kits for the Landcruiser – specially coated to last longer in highly corrosive environments.

Our parts are highly reliable and built to last – matching OEM specs to ensure safety and performance in harsh driving conditions. Our range is dedicated to the 70 series VDJ Landcruiser, and GUN Hilux. Already know what part you’re looking for? Send through an e-mail to our fleet team who can provide price and availability details in no time.

This range comes exclusively in kit form, with the critical components coated to resist corrosion – plus all the necessary hardware to fit the new components correctly. View our full range of anti-corrosion parts in our free online catalogue.

Some of the anti-corrosion kits we stock:

  • Complete sump kit
  • Starter motor kit
  • Turbo kit
  • Oil cooler kit
  • Sump pan kit
  • Coolant & water inlet pipe kits
  • Timing cover kits

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Compressors, condensers, evaporator, valve expansion, desiccant bag


Complete doors, tray guards, scuff plates, door cards and check straps,


Handbrake kits, calipers, rotors, pads, spring kits


Oil coolers and pipes, radiators, oil seals, thermostats, water pumps


Swivel hub kits, bearing kits, wheel hub kits, cv joints, axle shafts, diff centers and housing


Alternator, starter motor kit, battery, clock springs, sensors


Muffler, gaskets, manifolds, turbo kits


Injectors, replacement kits, seals


Headlight, taillight, dash


Filter service kits, fuel filters, oil filters, air filters


Tie rods, relay rods, pitman arms, power steering


Blades, motors, arms, nozzles


Recon seats, driver, passenger, all models


Complete sump kits, turbo kits, starter motor kits, coolant feed pipes, oil coolers etc


Complete suspension kits, sway bar kits, shock absorbers, leaf springs, coil springs

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